Maximize Your Employee Training with Scissortail LMS

The Learning Management Module (LMS) module is a powerful tool that streamlines training initiatives with an intuitive dashboard and quick insight into activities. Admins can create custom courses and manage content, while employees can take ownership of their learning and development. It includes a Home Dashboard and ability to upload certifications for continuing education credits.
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Scissortail LMS (Learning Management System) is a revolutionary tool that streamlines corporate training initiatives and helps organizations deliver an engaging and motivating training experience. This article will discuss the features of Ready Learning LMS from an administrator’s point of view and how it can empower employees to take control of their own learning.

As an administrator, the LMS provides a Learning tab from which you can access and manage learning and developmental opportunities for your organization. It also provides an intuitive dashboard that gives you quick insight into various training activities across the organization, such as course completion rates and exam success rates. The library feature allows you to manage all of the available content, ensuring your employees have access to the right training materials. You can also create your own training courses and learning content, giving you more control over the content that you push out to your employees.

From an employee’s point of view, they can access the courses that have been assigned to them, view their course completion rate, enroll themselves in courses that can help with their personal career growth needs, and access any required courses. Employees also receive an email notification when they are assigned new courses. Upon course completion, they can take a quiz to test their retention of the information provided.

Scissortail LMS also includes a Home Dashboard where employees can check out the progress of each course, participate in polls, and check out a calendar of upcoming events. The tool also provides the ability to upload a copy of their certification for any continuing education credits, they may have taken outside of the LMS tool.

Overall, our LMS is a powerful tool that can help organizations streamline their training initiatives and maximize their training. With its blended learning approach, organizations can deliver self-paced online courses combined with in-class and/or virtual training opportunities. In addition, the tool’s robust reporting insights allow organizations to monitor and assess performance across the organization.

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