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New Dashboard Enhancements

October 26, 2021
Sheri Blaho
workplace illustration with people holding digital dashboards and sitting around a table

In the latest Scissortail HCM (powered by Kronos) release, we’ve made a lot of valuable enhancements when it comes to dashboards within the new user experience. We’ve focused on improving both usability and the administration of dashboards. That is why Kronos created a video highlighting those dashboard enhancements and showing you how to take advantage of them.

Some of the usability enhancements you’ll see in the video include exciting functionality such as the flexibility to create the perfect blend of widgets and charts for your home screen, easily dig into the details of a report without leaving your dashboard, and make the dashboard your own by rearranging tiles so your highest-priority information is front and center. In addition, you’ll see how you can ensure that a consistent view is used by your teams by creating, previewing, and sharing dashboard templates.

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