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Go Mobile, Because Your Employees Expect It.

The Scissortail mobile app provides managers and employees with immediate access to their payroll, HR, and time data, wherever they may be. This app -available for Apple and Android devices- is designed to delight and built to engage the modern mobile workforce. Scissortail HCM mobile provides a responsive, intuitive user interface that lets employees and managers address everyday tasks quickly.

Go Mobile

Achieve Paperless Applicant Tracking.

Employee candidates will find your site easy to navigate from their desktop or mobile devices, offering a great 'first time experience' with your firm. Candidate selections, interview scheduling, offer letters, and new-hire packets can all be accomplished electronically - no physical paperwork. Once the candidate accepts the position, they are seamlessly converted to employee status.

Hire More Effectively
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Digitize Your Employee On-boarding

Scissortail's digital onboarding process streamlines the new hire experience, saving time for recruiters and HR staff. Employees can easily track their progress and digitally sign documents, which values their time and provides an optimal experience. This allows HR and payroll staff to focus on more strategic activities, such as employee development and retention.

Go Digital
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Streamline Human Resources, and Put the Spotlight on the Employee.

Employees are your most valuable and expensive asset. Experience a powerful solution that manages time-consuming processes allowing you to focus on employee satisfaction and retention. Ensure greater consistency and fair treatment across the organization. Easy access to all information with dozens of canned reports. Quick answers to unexpected questions with simple inquiry tools.

Employee Focus

Avoid Fines with Comprehensive Compliance Coverage.

Avoid steep fines with governing agencies by meeting standards and reporting timely. Simplified reporting is accomplished with a single database of information related to employee hiring practices, FMLA, COBRA, EEO-1, ACA, overtime payments, salary structure, and specific union requirements. All data across multiple years and multiple entities are easily accessed.

Stay Compliant
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Provide Informative and Punctual Performance Reviews.

Provide routine feedback to each employee with automated performance reviews. This amazing tool-set allows you to give ongoing information to each employee, increasing overall happiness and job production. Reviews can include various levels of management input, as well as peer comments. Your choice: compensation can be tied to reviews or handled separately.

Customized Performance Reviews

Get Employees Trained Correctly and on Time!

Managing the training requirements for your organization can be a nightmare, involving a dozen spreadsheets and tons of paper. Risks associated with incomplete training tied to certifications or other compliance activities can be eliminated. Automated notifications to both employees and managers will ensure your firm is operating at peak efficiency.

Train and Track

Maximize Your Employee Training with Scissortail LMS

The Learning Management Module (LMS) module is a powerful tool that streamlines training initiatives with an intuitive dashboard and quick insight into activities. Admins can create custom courses and manage content, while employees can take ownership of their learning and development. It includes a Home Dashboard and ability to upload certifications for continuing education credits.

Streamline Training
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Administer Easy-to-enroll, Easy-to-change Employee Benefits.

Employee benefits are the second-highest employee related-expense. Share the value of your benefit plan, make it easy to enroll, and make it easy to update. Then communicate clearly and timely with all your carriers to ensure billings are accurate and up-to-date.

Benefit Enrollment
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Attain To-the-penny-perfect Payroll.

The choice is yours: process your payroll or outsource it to us. Scissortail simplifies your entire payroll process while ensuring accuracy and providing in-depth reporting options. By performing calculations as you go, you can monitor payroll in real-time while eliminating the lengthy task of traditional pre-processing. Additionally, all your taxes are handled for you!

Perfect Payroll

Experience Time and Attendance That's More Than Just a Time Clock.

Time and Labor Management leverages the single database for Scissortail payroll and HR data, eliminating any double entry of employee or time. Scissortail manages both unplanned and scheduled absences. Our timekeeping solution automatically captures labor information from our time clocks, web entry, telephony, and mobile devices. Advanced scheduling tools help control labor costs.

Time and Labor Managment

Prepare Key Talent for Future Roles.

In today’s tight labor market, leadership readiness must develop a talent pipeline and build strength with employees. The ability to readily identify those who have the current skills or potential is crucial. Having replacement employees ready for employee transition enables an organization to quickly and efficiently fill open positions.

Start Planning

Offer a Great Employee Experience.

Scissortail HCM was designed from Hire-to-Retire with consideration of the employee experience. All the tools provided allow every employee to have full access to appropriate information. Each employee can access information 24-7 from any device that leverages an update-to-date browser. This frees the HR and payroll team from answering routine and repetitious questions. Result: happy employees.

Employee Self Service
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Get the Information You Need When You Need It.

The Scissortail HCM includes over 150 standard reports for HR, Timekeeping, Payroll, compliance, including EEO, OSHA, VETS, and more. Every report can be customized and modified with easy-to-use, built-in reporting tools giving you the exact report you need. A graphical presentation is equally important for critical KPIs. Automated, scheduled reports ensure nothing is overlooked.

Easy Reporting Tools

Built to Scale with your Firm

Regardless of your size, we believe you should have the ability to leverage any of the tools available with Scissortail HCM. Whether you are 1 employee or 10,000 employees, you should not be bogged down with the extensive reporting requirements and compliance rules from local, state, and federal governing agencies.

That is why we built a single solution with options including Payroll, Time and Attendance, Human Resources, and Talent Management. You pick the pieces that are right for you.

One Fully Integrated Solution

From pre-hire to retire, every part of Scissortail HCM information is maintained in a single database. Every department can leverage appropriate information with no data entry, imports or extracts. Truly a one-and-done experience.

The Ultimate User Experience

From inception, Scissortail HCM was designed with three user-roles in mind: the employee, the employee's manager and the HR/Payroll professional. Scissortail is intended to encourage collaboration with all team members.

Simplified Service and Support

With the cloud-based delivery model, implementations are streamlined and upgrade headaches are a thing of the past. Educational tools are included in your standard menu with live support just a call away.

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