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Scissortail's First Release of 2023 Brings Exciting Enhancements

February 16, 2023
Rhonda Rush
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Scissortail’s first release of 2023 has some exciting enhancements. Updates to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting standards and payroll deductions were included, as well as improvements to Time and Labor Management (TLM) such as lunch/break punching and historical correction functionality. HR enhancements included two-way SMS communication for Recruiting, benefit plan waiting period behavior, upload document actions, and ESS mobile app security. HR Forms and HR Surveys also saw improvements, such as EEO-1 forms not having errors with inactive EINs, I9 forms including refugee stamps, and a survey report page. If any questions or issues arise, please contact us.

ACA Updates

The U.S. Government has made updates to the current Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting standards, so that if previous year files need corrections, the file will be accepted. Air Files, 1095-C, and 1094-C are all updated to the 2022 format in Scissortail. Deadline information can be found at https://www.irs.gov/.

Payroll Enhancements

Payroll has some exciting enhancements, such as the addition of cost center filters on deduction codes for flat amount deductions. This means that with the R85 release, when a simple flat amount deduction is a different amount based on department, one deduction code can be created and used, and the filter can assign the amount based on the cost center or department. There is also the ability to run year-end correction payrolls, which can be done based on security after the year is closed. Box 14 on W2s now has double the number of fields to accommodate employees that work in multiple locations, and payroll sync time failure messages will now include a link to a report that gives details about the failure. Total Compensation Statements now have new tags to pull in information from Scissortail, the ability to enable a cover letter text, introduction text, and summary text.

TLM Functionality

Time and Labor Management (TLM) enhancements are focused on timesheet functionality, such as lunch/break punching, with new rules for managers to determine by schedule and time between punches on lunch/break punching. There is also a new rule for “on save” that checks and verifies employment date and displays a warning or error message when a manager attempts to save a transaction that falls outside of the date ranges. Historical correction functionality has been included, and team views have new delete and modify buttons in the popover. There are some new filters in team views for timesheets that filter, time off to display, time off filter, and cost center filter, and once the filters are set, the ability to manage and save views has been added.

Human Resources Updates

On the HR side of Scissortail, Recruiting now has two-way HR to applicant SMS communication available. Benefit plan waiting period behavior has been enhanced, so that if an employee benefit date field is blank, no date will be recognized as null, and instead of auto-filling the current date, calculation of the waiting period will be accurate based on the plans. There is also a print setting enabled for enrollment summaries. HR Actions now have upload document actions, and the document items name is now Manage Documents. There is a new security function for the ESS mobile app that, if activated, will allow the employee to customize the order of the punch buttons.

HR Forms have a functionality enhancement, and there will no longer be errors in EEO-1 forms that have inactive EINs. I9 forms now include refugee stamp and exclude I-551 stamp and photo. I9 expiration notifications now have the option to allow documents or exclude documents from the expiration notification. HR Surveys now have a new question that can have multi-select answering and now have a survey report page.

With all these updates and enhancements, Scissortail is committed to providing the best experience to its users. These changes will help to simplify processes, increase accuracy, and provide a better overall user experience. The second half of February is full of changes, and if you have any questions or issues please contact us.

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