Payroll or Time and Labor Management (TLM) Made Painless with Scissortail 30

Introducing a Seamless Payroll and Time Tool with Premier Partner Support - Designed for Small Businesses

Our payroll and TLM solutions offer unrivaled real-time reporting, auto compliance updates, and easy employee information management. By reducing admin burdens and increasing accuracy, we help you achieve optimal payroll results. User-friendly and hassle-free, Scissortail 30 simplifies operations, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Chose one or Both - Implemented in 30 Days Each

Key benefits

Transform your payroll process with our integrated solution

From pre-hire to retire, every part of Scissortail HCM information is maintained in a single database. Every department can leverage appropriate information with no data entry, imports or extracts. Truly a one-and-done experience.

What's Included

Bid farewell to the complexities of payroll processing with the powerful new Scissortail 30 powered by UKG. Enjoy the benefits of boutique support from our partner providers, and rest assured that your employees are accurately and efficiently paid in a timely manner. Scissortail 30 provides a seamless solution for payroll processing, reporting, and compliance risk reduction, all in one intuitive system. Count on unified payroll and TLM suite to create the perfect paycheck every time, so you can focus on what you do best.

  • Effortlessly implement and go live within just 30 days!
  • Experience the freedom to work as you and your team deem best! Our cutting-edge cloud platform accommodates your unique requirements, with mobile, PC, and browser support. Maximize productivity by working to your full potential!
  • By delivering precise paychecks promptly, attention can be directed towards advancing internal processes.
  • Our comprehensive payroll and TLM suite provides automated payroll and tax processing, along with other invaluable features, offering an end-to-end solution.
  • Easy-to-use reports and dashboards provide enhanced insights into your data! This visual representation allows for quick identification of areas that require your attention promptly, facilitating timely action.

Key benefits

Transforming Time and Labor Management for Efficient Business Operations

Introducing a seamless Time and Labor Management (TLM) tool, Scissortail 30. Enhance your workforce productivity, streamline processes, and ensure compliance effortlessly. Our comprehensive suite offers automated time and attendance tracking, advanced reporting, and intuitive employee information management. Say goodbye to manual tasks and focus on optimizing your business

  1. Implementation Made Simple: Get up and running in just 30 days! Our quick and easy implementation process ensures a seamless transition to the Scissortail 30 platform.
  2. Flexible and User-Friendly: Enjoy the freedom to work the way you and your team prefer. With support for mobile, PC, and browser, our modern cloud-based platform adapts to your needs, empowering you to unleash your full potential.
  3. Empower Your Workforce: By delivering accurate time and labor management efficiently, you can refocus your efforts on enhancing internal processes and driving productivity within your organization.
  4. End-to-End Solution: Our comprehensive services offer a complete package for automated time and labor management, ensuring compliance with labor laws and optimizing your reporting process. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to streamlined workflows.
  5. Gain Valuable Insights: Unlock enhanced insights into your workforce data with our easy-to-use reports and dashboards. Visual representations enable quick identification of areas that deserve attention, allowing for timely action and informed decision-making.

What's Included

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